Huawei and Cyrus Announced The First Jointly-Made Electric Car

In March this year, we heard that a new product of Smart Selection will go on sale and it will cost 300,000 yuan ($38,429). The source said that this is going to be an electric car jointly made by Huawei and a manufacturer.

Yesterday, we got another information that Smart Selection will formally cooperate with Cyrus. It’s a new energy brand under Xiaokang shares.

Today, Cyrus announced its mysterious partner – Huawei. Also, they launched a new HI product – Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5, priced between 216,800 yuan and 246,800 yuan ($27,771 – $31,614). It is now available on Huawei Mall. The car has a peak power of 405kW, a maximum torque of 820N·m, and an acceleration of 4.68 seconds per 100 kilometers.

In the pure electric mode, the Cyrus Smart Selection SF5 can achieve 180 kilometers (NEDC) endurance; it can also achieve maximum 1000+ kilometers (NEDC) endurance.

’s Car Products Look Quite Attractive

The car comes with the HiCar full-scenario intelligent interconnection system, which deeply integrates the HUAWEI HiCar Smart Connection solution.

Users can wake up ’s voice assistant through physical buttons. They can also touch the smart voice icon on the central control screen for the same purpose.

HiCar has a dual-map mode – you can switch between AutoNavi and Baidu maps freely. There are special services of music and audiobooks. They include Huawei Music, Kugou, Migu, and NetEase Personalized head apps such as Cloud Music and Himalaya.

According to reports, the cooperation between Cyrus and is centered on the value concept of “user-centered, quality first”, which can produce 1+1=∞ (infinite) effects, and build benefits around the three core industries of technology, channels and products community.

Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5

And Cyrus Have A Deep Cooperation

Apart from this, these two brands have brought a lot of other technologies such as Huawei DriveONE three-in-one electric drive system, HUAWEI HiCar, Huawei Smart Cockpit, Huawei Harmony OS, Huawei Kirin module, HUAWEI Sound, etc.

In addition to helping Cyrus build and sell cars, Huawei also plans to open the traffic portal of 730 million stock smartphone users to Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5.

In addition, the car features the SERES Smart Cloud smart operating system. The latter includes querying and controlling vehicle information, navigation, entertainment, voice recognition control, and remote upgrades. It comes with a high-sensitivity camera, 3 millimeter wave radars, 4 surround view cameras and 8 ultrasonic radars.


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