Huawei and GENTLE MONSTER Announced Eyewear II Smart Glasses

At the P40 conference in the first half of this year, and GENTLE MONSTER launched the Eyewear smart glasses. Today, Huawei and GENTLE MONSTER launched the second generation of the Eyewear II smart glasses. There are 13 styles in total, with titanium alloy hinges. As you guess, they are more comfortable to wear.

Eyewear II smart glasses

There are four series of Huawei Eyewear II smart glasses: metal optical series, classic optical series, sunglasses series, and SMART design series. Each series has different styles to choose from. As said above, the companies offer a total of 13 models to meet the needs of different occasions.

The Huawei Eyewear II smart glasses use titanium alloy elastic hinges with a 12-degree opening and closing range to ensure comfortable wearing.

Eyewear II smart glasses

In terms of operation, the Eyewear II smart glasses come with a multi-sensor interactive system. They support 3D touch. Just slide the temple to adjust the volume/song, double-click to answer the call, pause playback or call out the smart assistant, etc. Also, the left temple of the button can enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

Eyewear II smart glasses

The Huawei Eyewear II smart glasses use customized 128mm2 ultra-thin large-diaphragm dual speakers. These speakers support open stereo sound field and provide excellent music effects.

Eyewear II smart glasses

In addition, the Eyewear II smart glasses are also sport an inverse sound field acoustic system. It can reduce up to 12db of sound leakage and ensure privacy protection during music or phone calls.

Eyewear II smart glasses

These smart glasses also support wireless charging. If used with a lens box, they can play music continuously for 5 hours.

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Eyewear II smart glasses

The classic optical series, metal optics, and SMART design series of the Eyewear II smart glasses start at 2499 yuan ($361), and the sunglasses series start at 2699 yuan ($390).

Briefly About Eyewear Smart Glasses

Eyewear smart glasses are first and foremost easy-to-wear and stylish glasses. The word ‘smart’ is only an option of glasses, making information acquisition and interaction easier.

Based on clear design principles and rich technical accumulation, Huawei Eyewear has received countless praises in China and abroad once it was launched. After a year of precipitation, Eyewear’s new spring and summer 2020 appeared in the world with stunning features, innovative features, and excellent joint design with GENTLE MONSTER, making Huawei Eyewear once again at the forefront of fashion.


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