Huawei and Xiaomi Patent Dispute Resolved With a Global Cross-Licensing Deal

and are two big names in the smartphone industry. They make phones with amazing features and technology. But they also had some problems with each other. Not long ago, Huawei sued Xiaomi for alleged infringement of four patents. These patents were about smartphone photography, wireless communication technology, and screen lock technology.

But now, the two brands have decided to end their fight and work together. They have signed a deal that allows them to share their patents. This deal means both brands can benefit from each other's inventions and innovations. This is good news for their future products and customers.

More About the Huawei and Xiaomi Global Cross-Licensing Deal

On Wednesday, the two brands announced they had reached a global patent cross-licensing deal. This deal covers many communication technologies, including . And as hinted earlier, the deal will play a big part in the upcoming devices from both brands.

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Wondering how significant this Huawei and Xiaomi global cross-licensing deal is? Well, the former is the world's leading telecom equipment maker. Also, Huawei is one of the major players in the smartphone market. The latter is the world's third-largest smartphone maker.


That means Huawei will gain access to some of the patents that make Xiaomi phones great. With access to Xiaomi's patents, Huawei will gain momentum in developing new products and services. And Xiaomi will no longer need to pay patent licensing fees to Huawei for utilizing its class-leading communication tech.

Moreover, this cross-licensing deal will help both companies to develop 5G services and products. While the brands didn't disclose the terms, it will likely come into effect early next year. And after it does, it will be in effect for the next ten years. After this, the two companies can negotiate a new one or renew the agreement.

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