Huawei engineers are working on a new self driving bicycle

Huawei is apparently working on a new autonomous product. Although, this one isn’t a car or a larger vehicle, rather, it is a self driving bicycle that can be operated even when it is unmanned.

The Chinese tech giant’s engineers have been working on a new bike that can maintain its balance even on the slimmest of surfaces (demonstrated with the bike standing on a thin fence). Furthermore, the self driving bicycle also arrives with a series of impressive features like the high precision sensors on its body, paired with image recognition cameras, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as well, which enables it to run without the need for human interaction.

One of the engineers at the helm of this project is Zhihui Jun, who apparently got this idea after he faced an injury due to a bicycle accident. This injury lead him to realize that there is potential for a self driving bike. Thus, the company’s team put together equipment such as an automatic control system along with a perception sensor network, and a chip that acts as the brain of the system and providers the required computing power.


The engineers first began modelling the bicycle on CAD and ten added two large brushless motors and steering gear on the physical prototype. After this, they equipped the bike with an RGBD depth camera, an accelerometer, gyroscope, and even a LiDAR sensor. The bike is powered by a lithium based battery that can last for up to 2 to 3 hours while the main control module is housed right below the seat, as per a DesignBoom report.


engineers outfitted the bicycle with a control module that works similarly to the systems used in artificial satellites to maintain its balance. In other words, it is equipped with small but high precision sensors that can detect even the slightest of tilts and immediately sends data to the control module so that it can make changes which ensure that it can stand on its own. The motor also helps run the rear wheel, which enables it to move without pedalling.




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