Huawei HarmonyOS Keeps Grabbing Market Share from Android and iOS

Chinese tech giants, is determined to move against the tides. All indications show that it is gradually making progress. After the ban placed on the company by the US government, the company shifted focus from the platform to HarmonyOS. An operating system built by Huawei from scratch. Even though many doubted the success of the operating system, Huawei kept pushing and working hard. Now, it looks like the company's hard work is beginning to pay off.

Huawei HarmonyOS Grabs the Third Spot Huawei HarmonyOS

Before, the launch of the HarmonyOS in 2021, the main dominant forces in the mobile OS space were Android and iOS. Well, that's not to say they don't dominate anymore. These two operating systems still largely dominate the market. However, we can now confidently say that we have a third force in the mobile OS space.

According to a statement from a well-known researcher, Huawei's HarmonyOS continues to gain popularity around the world. By so doing, gaining some market share from the likes of Android and iOS.

Counterpoint is the researcher that came out with this statement. It says that Huawei's HarmonyOS keeps growing in both China and the global market. Even though the OS was able to achieve about 100million installation within its first year, it still had 0% market share. The next year, HarmonyOS was able to achieve 1% market share in the global mobile operating system space. In terms of number of installations, it reached 320 million installations.

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Huawei HarmonyOS Controls 8% Market Share in China Huawei HarmonyOS

Moving on from the last quarter of 2022 into first quarter of 2023, HarmonyOS has grabbed another percentage point. In China however, Huawei's mobile operating system now has controls of 8% of the market. The company currently runs several products such as IoT, smart home, industrial and consumer platforms.

“Huawei's Harmony OS has captured a 2% share in the global smartphone OS market. And an 8% share in China in Q4 2022, but it is nowhere near the dominance it had before the ban.” wrote Counterpoint Research. Huawei HarmonyOS

Currently, Android commands 76% of the market while iOS comes second with 22%. These numbers are definitely far apart from the 2% share of HarmonyOS. However, it took Huawei just two years to grab this 2% share. This is an unimaginable achievement especially considering the situation in which the company finds itself.

Even without any ban, it is a very difficult thing for any company to do. This is because the world is used to Android and iOS. Therefore, it will take a very long time, hard work and persistence for any company to grab just 1%.

With the lack of services, it will be quite difficult for HarmonyOS to dominate the world. On the flip side, the market share of HarmonyOS still has what it takes to grab more. In 5 years to come, it can surely control about 5 to 8% of the global market.

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