Huawei launches new 5G products and solutions during MWC 2021

Earlier this week, Huawei unveiled a series of new products and related solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC) in Barcelona. The products were under its “1+N” plans and seek to expand its existing portfolio of networking based technology.

During the conference, the Chinese telecommunications giant stated that it has put together its leading algorithms and technology along with ultra wideband radio to launch the industry’s only Massive MIMO product. This supports 64T64R and 400 MHz bandwidth and is the first of its kind in the world, as claimed by the brand. The new product also supports the entire C band, which would enable operators to deploy their multi-segment spectrum on just one module to reduce the number of devices.

Furthermore, also highlighted that the 64T64R Massive MIMO is also the lightest of its kind as well. The company also showcased that it is a light weight base station that is easy to install and even takes up less space, which contributes to its lower construction cost. A single module weighs as little as 19 kilograms and can be installed by just one person while also delivering on performance. Other notable aspect regarding the new product is that it is the industry’s only 64T A+P Solution and is also the only unit that supports three low and three medium bands.


The solution is also the only commercial FDD massive MIMO in the market as well. Yang Chaobin, President of Wireless Product Line, stated that “By launching this series, we aim to bring multi-antenna technology to all scenarios and bands. Several products within the solutions are one-of-a-kind and will help operators efficiently deploy networks and provide first-rate experience. will work with global partners to innovate and share 5G benefits with all.”




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