Huawei P30/Pro now getting HarmonyOS 2 update – see changelog

Reports from users show that the HarmonyOS 2 internal beta is now available for P30 / P30 Pro. The specific version number is (C00E125R2P4), and the download size is 5.55GB. Here is the full changelog for the Huawei P30/Pro HarmonyOS 2 internal beta

P30 / P30 Pro HarmonyOS Desktop

  • Slide the application icon with a horizontal line at the bottom to generate a universal card. The size of the card can be large or small. Drag to change the position and change the personalized desktop

Control Center

  • Pull down from the top right side of the screen to enter the control center. The shortcut switch panel adds a variety of terminal device control tools. This allows you to control multiple devices as convenient as operating a mobile phone

Service Center

  • Swipe up from the lower-left corner or the lower right corner of the screen to enter the service center. Here, you can also access all kinds of universal cards, and you can directly reach the service with a single tap

P30 / P30 Pro Smart Folder

  • Support the organization of similar applications. Long press the folder to display it as a large folder. From here, you can directly access the application, making it more convenient to use

HarmonyOS font

  • Support infinite word weight change and you can arbitrarily adjust the font thickness

Smart Office

  • It is more convenient to transfer files across devices. Furthermore, this system does not require any data cable connection. In addition, users can use the smartphone directly as a USB flash drive of PC.
  • Also supports fast and secure file sharing between phones, tablets, and PCs

P30 / P30 Pro Smart Home

  • It does not require the installation of any additional application. Therefore, users will get direct access to smart home services which are smart and easy.

Smart Connection

  • Adds support for multi-party calls. Both mobile phones and tablets can freely access audio and video calls

P30 / P30 Pro Smooth performance

  • Click, slide, and other operations are more natural and smooth. Pictures and videos are refreshed faster

Always online

  • Some high-frequency applications support state retention. Even if they are interrupted by other applications during use, they can still continue the last task state. This also improves the application continuity, experience, and safety

Pure Mode

  • The pure mode is active by default to detect malicious behavior. It also detects security vulnerabilities, privacy risks, as well as other security issues during the application installation process. Furthermore, this prevents the installation of risky applications and ensures the safety and purity of the system operating environment.

P30 / P30 Collaborative Security

  • Adds the smartphone – PC collaborative authentication function. When the mobile phone and PC are collaborating, the smartphone can be unlocked by entering the mobile phone lock screen password on the PC side

Privacy Security Compliance Certification

  • TEE OS security kernel has been certified as CC EAL5+, the highest security level for commercial operating system kernels in the world. HarmonyOS has CC EAL4+ certification, the highest security level in China


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