Huawei Sees a Massive Decline in User Base, Xiaomi and Apple are the Biggest Beneficiaries

has been surviving the US ban for a couple of years now. The Chinese tech giant is still in the smartphone business and keeps releasing new phones each year. However, Huawei is no more commanding the market like it used to. The company is barely surviving due to multiple bans from the United States commerce department. Huawei Xiaomi

To make things clearer, has lost millions of Users around the globe due to the US sanctions. The loss of Huawei simply gives space for other companies to gain. Companies like Xiaomi and are at the forefront of the companies to gain most from Huawei’s loss.

President of Xiaomi Says His Company Gained 50 million Users from

During the Xiaomi Investment Day, the President of Xiaomi Group Lu Weibing made a very bold statement. He said has lost over 80 million users and Xiaomi has been able to capture 50 million user bases from Huawei’s loss.

Apart from Xiaomi, other phone makers also gained some reasonable users from ’s loss. is said to gain 20 million users while Honor has also gained 10 million.

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Many phone makers saw substantial declines in their business in 2022 with and Samsung being the only companies to see growth. Xiaomi who was not exempted from the decline explained the possible causes of its decline. Lu said the decline was due to reasons such as currency depreciation, chips shortage and intensified competition. Huawei Xiaomi

analysts say that the global smartphone shipment decline will continue through 2023. It is said that global shipments will decrease by 12% in 2023. This will affect the Chinese smartphone market even more. Shipment of smartphones in China is said to decline by 13% this year.

Xiaomi is Enjoying the Sweat of

This is a general thing that happens in the world at large. When one empire falls, another empire rises. has done a lot of hard work to get to the level it reached. The US ban has totally crushed the company, but users had to move on to the best alternative. Xiaomi did not have to do much to convince people because the brand was the one of the few brands that could replace Huawei.

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