Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super to launch on July 29, with Mini LED and HarmonyOS 2.0

Earlier today (26th July 2021), Huawei officially announced that it would be launching the new Smart Screen V 75 Super on 29th July 2021. This would be the company’s first TV to sport Mini LED display and will also support Harmony OS 2.0.

The Chinese tech giant shared this news on its official Weibo account, revealing the launch date. According to Yu Chengdong, CEO of Consumer BG at Huawei, the new Smart Screen V 75 Super will feature 46,080 SuperMini LEDs. This will enable it to offer more realistic images with accurate details along with the ability to fine tune as well. For sound, the upcoming TV will offer a 20 unit Dewar theater level sound field.

Unfortunately, the company has only announce the launch date as of right now and finer details regarding this TV is still unknown. Although, this marks a major shift in the market with various brands commercializing on Mini LED display technology. Even the 12.9 inch iPad Pro that launched earlier this year featured this display panel and it is expected that Apple will also launch a MacBook with Mini LED as well. For those unaware, Mini LED brings various improvements and benefits over conventional LCD panels.


This includes offering higher brightness, with a wider color gamut and higher contrasts. Furthermore, it also consumes lesser power among other benefits. Notably, the July 29 launch date is the same day in which the brand will be launching its latest flagship series, the P50 lineup. So stay tuned for more updates.




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