HUAWEI Watch GT2/2e add support for third-party apps

Huawei announced the support for third-party applications on its smartwatch at the end of February 2021. The Watch GT2 Pro was the first wearable from the company to get this feature. Now, months later, the less expensive Watch GT2 and the HUAWEI Watch GT2e are now finally getting this feature via the latest firmware builds.

Watch GT2e

is rolling out new firmware builds for the Watch GT2 and Watch GT2e units. These new software builds bring support for third-party applications.

But unfortunately, the fresh firmware builds are only available for testers, reports ITHome.

The software builds that enable third-party app support are as listed below.

  • Watch GT2 42mm – (Closed Beta Testers – China)
  • Watch GT2 46mm – (Open Beta Testers – China)
  • Watch GT2e – (Closed Beta Testers – China)

Apart from adding support for third-party applications, the above-mentioned firmware builds also add an ability to check heart-related data directly on the smartwatch itself.

The latest software builds for the Watch2 and HUAWEI Watch GT2e should make their way to the stable channel once the beta testers don’t find any major bugs. They should be also available in international markets later.

Having said that, though third-party app support sounds big, there are only a few applications to try out.



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