I Think Google Just Showed Us the New “Pixel Buds A” in Green

We learned just last week that Google was making a new pair of Pixel Buds called “Pixel Buds A” that would likely feature a more affordable price and come in both white and dark green colorways. Since they also stopped through the FCC recently, we get the feeling that could look to announce them soon and our gut has essentially been confirmed today because Google included them in an email that was sent to Google Nest owners.

The email, which I found in my inbox as “Kellen, your Nest device just got an upgrade,” walks through some new features that has pushed to smart displays in recent weeks. However, at the bottom, there is an ad for the Google Store and some of the products you can discover.

In that section, we see a Pixel 5, Nest Hub Max, “Subscriptions” shortcut, and a pair of earbuds that look a lot like the Pixel Buds (2nd Gen). The thing is, if you look closer, I’m not so sure these aren’t the new Pixel Buds A.

For one, the charging light sits up near the top where the case opens. On the current Pixel Buds, that light is actually down at the bottom near the USB-C charging port. But the biggest giveaway might be with a little Photoshop action, where we pulled the colors from the Buds in the picture above. These Buds are dark green, man. Since doesn’t currently sell a dark green pair of Buds, what else could these be?

Pixel Buds A Green

Kind of exciting, right? Here’s to hoping these have improved connectivity over the current gen Pixel Buds, are more affordable, and don’t need 6 software updates out of the gate to improve them.

Pixel Buds A Green

Via: droid-life.com

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