I Want It, I Need It: Galaxy Z Flip 3 ‘Pokemon Edition’

x Pokémon, possibly one of the greatest collabs on this planet, have detailed a special Pokémon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, headed what appears to be exclusively to ’s home market of South Korea.

Inside this edition, you obviously get the Z Flip 3, plus a ton of other sweet Pokémon accessories for the device. There’s a case with interchangeable plates, allowing you to deck out your device with Snorlax or Charmander imagery, a little Pikachu charm to dangle from the device, a super-legit Pokédex Poké Pouch for your Poké Phone, and more.

Honestly, I think we can all agree that life isn’t fair. I want this and the chances of me getting it are about 0.5%. Such is life. May those who get this phone cherish it forever. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is an awesome phone after all.

If you’re in South Korea, it looks like you may be able to scoop this device from ’s Korean website at some point this week, but you’ll likely need to be quick. Good luck.

Long live Pokémon.

// SamMobile

Via: droid-life.com

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