Inexpensive OnePlus 9R 5G Confirmed, Headed to India

We assume OnePlus is entirely aware that they have scheduled an announcement for March 23, where we expect them to detail the new 9 lineup of devices. However, speaking recently to Indian media, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has gone ahead and confirmed the OnePlus 9R, a budget-friendly device designed to launch first in India.

He didn’t share a ton of specifics, like specs or price, but now the name and the existence of the phone is no longer a mystery. It was originally thought this phone would be called the OnePlus 9 Lite, but thankfully, that is no longer the case. All we know is that the 9R is budget friendly, but will offer and good enough performance for people to play plenty of mobile games. A lot of “smooth” was also mentioned, so we’re expecting at least a 90Hz refresh rate for the display as well.

March 23 is right around the corner. We anticipate it’ll be a very busy day with lots of new products.

// News18 | Android Police


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