Intel Arc A770 Launched at Just $339 – AMD and NVIDIA Are in Big Trouble!

Intel GPUs have been going pretty strong when it comes to bringing better value than the rest of the competition. Compared to the offerings from AMD and Nvidia, the Intel Arc series comes at a much more affordable price point. But things just heated up with the Intel Arc A770.

At the core, it is currently the cheapest 16GB GPU in the market. It’s going for just $339! Yes, you read that right; a modern 16GB GPU for just $339! So, it goes without saying that with the launch of the Intel Arc A770, the competition between the desktop GPU brands has just become more intense.

Intel Arc A770 Might Just Be the Best Affordable GPU of 2023

AMD has been recently boasting a lot about its graphics cards coming with more VRAM than its Nvidia counterparts. But if you take a closer look, the cheapest 16GB GPU from AMD is the Radeon RX 6800. And to get that, you will need to shell out a sum of $469.99 from your wallet. Some board partners even price the GPU at $499. So, it’s quite apparent that the Intel Arc A770 is the current affordable GPU king.

Intel ARC A770 and A750 Limited Edition Official Specs
Intel ARC A750 and A770 Limited Edition Official Specs | Img Src: Wccftech

In fact, you can get the Intel Arc A770 even cheaper than the regular price. At the moment, it looks like Amazon US and Newegg are offering a $10 discount on the GPU. The specific variant that comes with that discount is from ACER, which features a factory overclock setting and a custom cooling system. Therefore, it should offer better performance than the stock variants.

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Intel ARC A770 Performance Comparison
Intel ARC A770 Performance Comparison | Img Src: DigitalTrends

Of course, the Arc A770 and AMD RX 6800 are not the same when it comes to performance. But at $339, you can not really make the cards go head to head. And at this price, the competing GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA are hovering anywhere from 8GB and 12GB. So, if you are looking for a super cheap 16GB card, the Arc A770 should be your go-to option!

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