Introducing the Flagship Ulefone Rugged Powerhouses: Power Armor 18 Ultra and Power Armor 18T Ultra

At the end of last year, Ulefone introduced two remarkable series of their flagship rugged phones, the Power Armor 18 and the Power Armor 18T. Unlike previous rugged smartphones, these devices are equipped with instant temperature monitoring and thermal imaging functions. It’s no surprise that they quickly gained popularity in the rugged phone market.

And now Ulefone is gearing up to introduce their latest upgradedflagships. The Ultra version of Power Armor 18 and 18T, which are set to make a lasting impression in the market. Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, these new releases promise an exceptional performance. PEspecially in areas such as image processing and gaming. In addition to being 5G-enabled, this cutting-edge chipset also supports Wi-Fi 6. Providing fast, stable, and extensive connectivity. Whether you’re using it for professional tasks or enjoying video games in your leisure time, the new Ultra version is designed to deliver superior performance across the board.

The Power Armor 18 Ultra and 18T Ultra both feature impressive screen capabilities as qwll. Thanks to the 6.58-inch FHD+ display with a high 120Hz refresh rate. You’ll enjoy exceptionally smooth visuals, especially during video playback.

Notably, the 18 Ultra and 18T Ultra have also expanded their RAM storage up to a remarkable 24GB. Which includes extra 12GB of virtual RAM too. This coupled with 512GB of ROM, caters to the diverse demands of customers. In addition, the inclusion of a robust 9600 mAh battery and 66W super-fast charging alleviates any battery anxiety, when users are engaged in outdoor activities. Furthermore, the Ultra version adopts Android 13 instead of Android 12. Offering a more secure and privacy-focused operating system for users.

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Other Highlights

The Power Armor 18 Ultra features an advanced temperature sensor seamlessly integrated into its rear camera system too. It is designed to enhance both work and daily life. The sensor exhibits remarkable precision and is capable of measuring body temperatures within the range of 35 to 42°C with astonishing accuracy. Boasting an accuracy level of ±0.2°C. Furthermore, it excels in accurately gauging object temperatures between -20 to 80°C with a remarkable ±0.5°C accuracy. As well as ambient temperatures within the same range. Additionally, the 18 Ultra is equipped with an 8MP Ultra-wide camera, providing an expansive 118.8-degree field of view. Allowing to capture more of the beautiful scene. This makes it perfect for architectural, landscape and cityscape photography.

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Meanwhile, the Power Armor 18T Ultra comes with thermal imaging capabilities as well. The integration of the FLIR Lepton 3.5 sensor into the Power Armor 18T Ultra sets a new standard for thermal imaging, delivering exceptional clarity and precision. Whether users are engaged in air-conditioning maintenance, car diagnostics, or any other professional task that requires thermal analysis, this smartphone will prove to be an indispensable tool in the toolkit. 

Recently, Ulefone launched both the Power Armor 18 Ultra and Power Armor 18T Ultra simultaneously. Customers can choose according to their preferences and if interested should visit the Ulefone official website or AliExpress. So they can grab the ideal one for their needs.


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