Introducing the KingKong 8 and P80 512G: Your Ultimate Double 11 Adventure Unveiled

Get ready for a moment Cubot fans have eagerly awaited ! As the Double 11 shopping extravaganza approaches, the AliExpress Cubot Official Store is thrilled to present an extraordinary array of discounts. Offering savings of up to 75% on a wide range of products. From cutting-edge smartphones to innovative tech gadgets, they invite you to explore the store and take advantage of all current deals.

KingKong 8: Your Ultimate Adventure Companion

For the modern-day adventurer, the rugged KingKong 8 could be the ultimate companion. It goes beyond being a smartphone; it unlocks thrilling experiences. With a powerful flashlight and a massive 10.600mAh battery, it keeps you connected even in the most remote locations.

But there’s more to this adventurer’s dream. Rated IP68 & IP69K for water and dust resistance, it thrives in the harshest conditions, allowing you to venture fearlessly. It comes equipped with a remarkable camera system as well. So you can capture your most precious moments in great detail, etching your adventures in timeless imagery.

The KingKong 8 could be your gateway to the extraordinary, offering NFC support for contactless payments and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for quick and secure unlocking. It’s your key to the unknown, where durability meets innovation.

And the best part? For all the early birds, the KingKong 8 is available at a special price of just $119.99, with the opportunity to save up to $16 through additional discounts. Bringing the final cost to just $103.99.

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P80 512G: Elevate Your Computing Experience

There is also the P80 512G as the perfect complement to the KingKong 8, designed to redefine your computing experience. With a generous 512GB of storage, it’s your gateway to endless possibilities. Whether you’re a professional, gamer, or creative, the P80 512G has you covered. Enjoy lightning-fast speed, cutting-edge technology and exceptional durability that make it your ideal partner. Another potential must-have for your Double 11 shopping spree.

Additionally, the P80 512G is available in exciting new colors as well. The 256GB variant comes in black, blue, and purple, while the 512GB version is offered in black, light blue and pink.

And for those who act quickly, the P80 512G is available at a special early bird price of $129.99, with potential savings of up to $16 through various discounts. Resulting in a final cost of only $113.99. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals and gear up for your ultimate Double 11 adventure with the KingKong 8 and P80 512G !


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