iPhone 14 Plus may end as another commercial disaster

This year, decided to bring back the “iPhone Plus” lineup with the release of the iPhone 14 Plus. The device previously thought to come as iPhone 14 Max, is basically a larger iPhone 14. It packs a larger 6.7-inch display and also has a larger battery. However, apart from these two main aspects, the device offers the same set of specs as the vanilla iPhone. The machine came as a “counter-measure” for the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini failures. Apple realized that most customers are not interested in a smaller iPhone, and seeing the demand for the Pro Max decided to bring the larger iPhone to the entry series. However, the iPhone 14 Plus may end up as another failure.

iPhone 14 Plus initial performance resembles the iPhone mini lineup

According to the reports from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the first wave of iPhone orders is majorly dominated by the iPhone 14 Pro models. Apparently, 85% of the pre-orders go for the larger models. When it comes to the vanilla lineup, the iPhone 14 Plus has less than 5% of the sales. So the iPhone 14 probably has close to 10% of the sales. The Plus’ poor performance in the pre-order brings back some “iPhone mini” vibes. Of course, it’s soon to judge, but the iPhone 14 Plus could pretty much be another flop.

iPhone 14

The analyst states that this is usually the case with the first iPhone sales. However, he notes that the sales of the Pro variants are a bit higher than in previous years. Obviously, this seems to be a reflection of the disparity between the vanilla and Pro specifications. The reasons for a “less flagship” iPhone lineup are unclear, but we can only assume that analyzed the ongoing inflation crisis and economic uncertainties. However, in the end, iPhone fans are still going for the costlier iPhone 14 Pro variants. The move, however, is subject to change. The iPhone 14 series has been “available” for just a few days. Therefore, it’s soon to take a verdict on the iPhone 14 Plus true performance.

iPhone 14 Plus

Users are still opting for the Pro variants

Worth noting that, despite the specs disparity, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus prices are close to the Pro variant. Perhaps, customers prefer to spend a little more and get “real” upgrades. The upgrade makes much more sense for existing iPhone 13 owners, that will not see any upgrade in getting an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus variant. The Pro and Pro Max bring a newer processor, an improved camera, and also have a new design with the fancy “island” feature.

Anyway, as we’ve said above, let’s not take a verdict now. After all, while iPhone 14 Plus beginning may not be ideal, global sales can soon change this prospect.

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