iPhone 14 price drops to a new record low – “huge discount”

China is the largest mobile phone market in the world and every mobile phone brand needs this market, even . Though it is a crucial market, it is a very difficult one. There are many Chinese brands that are getting a fair share of the market. The likes of , , , Realme and even are present. Thus, even if you want a Chinese product because you are Chinese, you have a lot of options. This is different from what we find in the U.S., it's either Apple or nothing. Apple knows that it needs to put in the work in China if it must make an impact. For this reason, the company is activating massive discounts for its latest iPhones. According to reports, the company has once again cut the price of the iPhone 14 in China.

iPhone 14

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iPhone 14 gets a $174 price cut

A few months ago when Apple launched the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 14 has a 5999 yuan ($873) starting price. However, the price of this device has now dropped to a new record low. As the news of the iPhone 15 series continues to flow out, the price of the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones drops. After a couple of price cuts, the iPhone 14 price dropped to 5149 yuan. However, there is now a new discount that, the iPhone 14 is currently selling in China for 4800 yuan ($699). This is a price cut of about 1199 yuan ($174).

iPhone 14

With this price cut, many users that were waiting for the iPhone 15 are now changing their minds. Chinese buyers now say it's “buy early, enjoy early or buy late, enjoy a discount” for Apple. However, Chinese buyers still claim that they have better and cheaper options even for this price. They now look forward to the next price cuts. Nevertheless, brands are concerned that Apple will use aggressive pricing to claim the Chinese market. Now the question is, the price of the iPhone 14 keeps falling, how can the Android camp resist it?

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