iPhone 14 satellite call function saves a man in Alaska mountains

On November 15, 2022, introduced satellite calling in the iPhone 14. Despite all the concerns regarding the potential drifts this technology may create. It seems to reach its goal, and the first instance of its utility has recently been reported.

Users of the iPhone 14 in the US and Canada can use satellite connectivity to make emergency calls. Users in other countries should be able to use this function in the coming weeks. Even in areas that aren’t well served by operators. A smart phone can use the satellite call to make a free call to the emergency services.

This is precisely the circumstance that led to a man becoming stranded on his snowmobile between the communities of Noorvik and Kotzebue in Alaska’s remote west. An emergency call came in from a very remote part of Alaska early yesterday morning. According to the local emergency services, in this case, the Alaska State Troopers.

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A person has already been saved by the iPhone 14 satellite call function

iphone 14 satellite connection

So, the snowmobiler’s GPS location was provided via the iPhone Rescue Call feature. Which allowed the rescue center to launch neighborhood teams and all authorities to deploy volunteers in that direction. He was located and was able to escape this dangerous situation without a problem. The man should count himself extremely lucky. On the one hand, he saved his life, but on the other, according to Apple, the location he was in was practically outside the range of satellite coverage.

The Cupertino business asserts that above latitude 62°, it is nearly hard to connect to a satellite. But 69° latitude is where Noorvik and Kotzebue are located. The rescuers also state that the information provided was correct and the alarm message impressed them. The Cupertino company may say that it has saved a life, and that’s the goal of the satellite call feature.

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