iPhone 15 Will Have a Redesigned Dynamic Island – Better Functionalities?

Previous leaks regarding iPhone 15 series confirmed that all the models will feature a Dynamic Island. And that is a great change for the new series. Dynamic Island surely makes the screen seem more immersive. However, a recent tweet suggests that the Dynamic Island of the new phones will not just be a copy of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

The tweet comes from a reputable supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. And according to his report, is revamping the Dynamic Island feature for the iPhone 15 series. This tweet is making many fans wonder whether this change will affect the functionality of Dynamic Island. Also, will the size change?

Apple iPhone 15 Series Will Integrate New Proximity Sensor in the Dynamic Island

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 15 phones will incorporate a new proximity sensor. Looking back, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max had a sensor underneath the display. The placement was just below Dynamic Island, which allowed the phone to detect whether you had placed the phone next to your ears.

iPhone 15 Dynamic Island

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Once the sensor detects your skin, it turns off the display. By doing so, it lets you take the call without making any accidental touches. But for the iPhone 15 series, the proximity sensor will be within the Dynamic Island. But, according to Kuo, the size of Dynamic Island will not change.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
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In addition to that, Kuo noted that the iPhone 15 series would have a 940mm wavelength proximity sensor. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro had a 1380nm wavelength sensor. So, it means that the upcoming phones will be better at detecting your skin when you are taking a call.

Other than that, there should not be any noticeable difference. And in case you were wondering, Apple is revamping the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 15 series to save some manufacturing costs.

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