iPod Nano Is Coming Back Dubbed as a Brand-New Apple AirPods!

is playing around with a potentially redesigned AirPods case that will come with an interactive touchscreen display. According to the recently surfaced patent, the case would give the listeners access to different applications connected to the Apple AirPods. And from what the patent showcases, it could very well revive Apple iPod from the dead!

Now, the patent that's on the highlight is not a new one. In fact, Apple filed this AirPods patent back in 2021! As Apple wrote, there's a need for a wireless earbuds case that will let users control audio and offer users a brand-new AirPods experience. No matter what the case is, the AirPods in the final form will surely be exciting!

Closer Look at the Apple AirPods Patent

Even though the design might look new to you, other headphone competitors have already explored it. For example, JBL, which is owned by , touted a very similar design back in the last CES. Named JBL Tour Pro 2, the earbuds come with a display on the case, pretty similar to what the Apple AirPods patent shows.

JBL Tour 2 Pro
JBL Tour 2 Pro

Although, JBL Tour Pro 2 did not hit the market yet. JBL is still refining the design and plans to debut it later this spring. And when it comes out, it will be the company's newest flagship earbuds and will redefine how users interact with their earbuds case. The latter case will stand for this patent of Apple AirPods.

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Apple AirPods Patent

But what features could Apple integrate into the brand-new AirPods model? From what the patent shows, you will have music control, video playback, quick access to the AirPods settings, and many more. In short, it will be just like an iPod mini but with revamped features.

Apple AirPods iPod Patent

That said, it is still unclear whether AirPods with this interactive display will actually become a thing. It could be just a design on paper, which is basically the case for most Apple patents.

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