Is Huawei Preparing to Make a Comeback in the Global Smartphone Market?

In the past two weeks, Huawei has silently launched three Mate 60 phones and a foldable Mate X5 device. And in my in-depth coverage of the Mate 60 Pro+ and the Mate X5, I’ve mentioned how revolutionary these devices actually are. But if you’ve missed it, the main highlight of these releases is the Kirin 9000S SoC.

With this SoC, Huawei has made 5G available to its mobile devices again. And for those wondering, the Chinese brand was banned from accessing most U.S. technologies for over five years. The U.S. sanctions have forced it to use less-advanced tech in its devices.

Huawei Kirin 9000S

But with SMIC, a partially state-owned Chinese semiconductor foundry, Huawei equipped its Kirin 9000S chipset with 5G capabilities. This chipset is the first Kirin chipset we’ve seen in years. And as I’ve already covered before, the new phones with the chipset are already a big hit in the Chinese market.

However, according to several industry insiders, Huawei is now laying the foundations for overseas expansion.

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Insiders Hints at the Return of Huawei in the Global Market

According to several insiders that IT Home has quoted, the domestic launches of the new Mate phones are basically laying the foundation for a global return. Huawei has already increased its yearly production forecast. It went from 30 million in January to 38 million now. Among them, only 20 million units have been shipped so far.

Satellite Connectivity Huawei Mate 60 Pro+

What’s more important is that the Huawei Mate 60 Pro units make up for 6 million or one-third of the remaining orders. These numbers come from a report from Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly reputable Tiafeng Securities analyst. Several other sources have confirmed that the Chinese brand has already launched a comprehensive plan to return to the global market.

Huawei Mate 60 Pro+

Not much is known about this comprehensive plan. But Huawei hasn’t made an official statement regarding this. That leaves a possibility that we may soon see the new 5G-equipped Huawei phones returning to the global market. We will update you when more information lands.

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