Know the difference between a Web Designer, a Web Developer and Web Consultant

While all three types of web related companies can deliver similar results, it’s important to understand the roles of each before committing to a long term business relationship. Knowing the variations between all 3 types of web agencies will ensure you have bargaining power and also save money by using the correct service first time.

Starting off with the Web Developer in the most general description, the developer is basically an individual who is able to convert your idea of a website and turn it into a tangible reality using a variety of technical skills that he or she has managed to master. This is the guy or girl who would be able to place a specific button right smack in the middle of your screen if you so required it to be in the centre!

The developer is the person who will make sure everything that you see in your imagination about your website is made to come true! From font type to size, from colours to ‘pop-up’ help balloons where you want them, how you want them and how they appear & function is all made possible by the developer.

However, how your site looks, what kind of fonts suit your site best and what your background colour should be or the artwork on your site is the job of the web designer. In most circumstances the web designer is an individual who is not just creative, but they are in most circumstances also technically sound.

They are able to work with web developers without missing a beat and the best thing about these guys is the fact that they are able to definitively give good advice on making a website functional and easy to use without compromising the websites aesthetic quality which is critical success factor for websites.

The plus point of the designer is that the designer has capabilities that are similar to that of a developer with creativity in tow as bonus. This enables them to deliver higher levels of UX (User Experience) for your website. The designers are usually capable of customising sites better when they work with developers and thus finding designers who are also developers would be an advantage from a cost perspective.

A consultant on the other hand is a professional that is able to provide expert advice on a variety of matters pertaining to a website which among others include security, financial platform protocols, marketing, database management and performance.

Consultants are regularly used by companies to guide them through the labyrinth of online business just as financial consultants guide you through investments. Web Consultants play a vital role in just about any business, provided there is a need for the business to have an online presence.

Highly capable and competent web consultants possess the skills of both developer and designer coupled with the understanding of what is required to drive your business forwards on the web.

Hence the moral of the story here is that, if you want to build a new site or modify an old one, the best bet is to hire a consultant WHO is also a developer and has a knack for creative designs!