Latest 3DMark app update shows if Huawei phones were benchmarked in performance mode

3DMark has released a new update to its app and among the features onboard is the ability to automatically detect if Huawei phones are running on Performance mode or not. In September last year, 3DMark removed ’s mobile phones from the benchmarking platform over what was considered to be cheating. Huawei’s smartphones were discovered to run in performance mode whenever the 3DMark  app was detected. As the name suggests, the Performance mode improves the performance of the device. Thus, the benchmark result may not be a true reflection of the phone’s daily performance. Huawei later agreed to give users the option to choose if to run the app on performance or normal mode.huawei freelace earphones

The 3DMark v2.0.4608 now gives scores for Huawei devices in either performance or default mode. In addition, the update confers a 64-bit variant on the app, so as to work effectively with many newer phones. 3DMark also claims that this update fixes some compatibility issues that were in effect between the Sling Shot Extreme test and the ARM Mali-G72 and Mali-G76 GPUs. Ironically, however, this may mean that the benchmark scores for these chipsets will be reduced after running this benchmark compared to earlier reports attained on the same device.

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Finally, this new version of 3DMark for Android has a fix for a few bugs found in Sling Shot and Sling Shot Extreme, and now outputs result-files with a given workload-version number.

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