Latest Google Fit Update Brings Health Connect Support

Latest Fit Update Brings Health Connect Support

Latest Fit Update Brings Health Connect Support

BY Ronil

Published 12 Oct 2022

announced the Health Connects feature at I/O 2022 event. It lets you share stats like your heart rate, calories, and body measurements between Fit and other apps. Now, the latest version of Google Fit brings the ability to “Sync with Health Connect.” It follows support from Withings Health Mate, Sleep as Android, and Health.

After updating to Fit’s 2.89 version, you’ll witness a “Get started” card, leading to a page that explains the interoperability in detail:

When you give Fit permission to read a data type from Health Connect, it gets saved in your Account alongside the rest of your Fit data. Fit uses this information to track your fitness and well-being and provide relevant tips and insights.

The features you use will also affect how Fit uses data. Fit may, for instance, display distance information from Health Connect in workout summaries or heart rate data throughout sleep sessions.

Other apps you choose to sync with Health Connect will be able to access the data you want to write to Health Connect and store it on your device.

Google Fit Health Connect Support

The setup step involves choosing what Fit can “read” and “write” to Health Connect. You can pick specific ones or allow all. After that, Fit settings will provide a shortcut to Health Connect if you don’t have the Quick Settings tile configured.

You can then check which apps have access with the ability to cancel them quickly. Further, you can also browse Activity, Body measurements, Cycle tracks, Nutrition, Sleep, and Vitals data under “Data and access.”

The latest 2.89 version of Fit is not yet widely available via the Google Play Store, so you might need to wait a while. Fitbit is the other Health Connect app you can look forward to after Google Fit.

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