Lenovo Legion Glasses: Your Portable On-the-Go Gaming Monitor

Lenovo showcased a ton of brand-new products at the IFA 2023 event. The main highlight is undoubtedly the Lenovo Legion Go, a handheld gaming device that lets you play on the go. But no matter how great the portable gaming device is, its small screen can’t really do much in terms of offering you an immersive gaming experience. Well, that’s where the Lenovo Legion Glasses step in.

As Lenovo describes, the Legion Glasses offer a “smarter, private, and big-screen solution” for gamers on the go or on the couch. In other words, it’s a portable gaming monitor you can wear and carry anywhere and everywhere.

More About the Lenovo Legion Glasses

As one of the primary accessories for the Lenovo Legion Go, the Legion Glasses will be launching alongside the gaming handheld. And if you’re not caught up, the Legion Go will launch in October. A pair will cost you $329, which may seem steep. But compared to high-end gaming monitors, the price tag is pretty competitive.

Legion Glasses

Display Technology

At first glance, the Lenovo Legion Glasses may seem like an AR glass. But in reality, it’s actually a pair of wearable displays. It’s similar to the wearable display glasses from TCL and other display companies have offered. But the offering from Lenovo stands out in several factors.

Among all, the main highlight is that the Lenovo Legion Glasses come with micro-OLED displays. For those wondering, micro-OLED has been one of the most promising technologies for wearable displays. Compared to other solutions, micro-OLED technology offers high overall resolution, true-to-life color, and vivid brightness.

On that note, the Apple Vision Pro headset also utilizes micro-OLED technology. And you might already know how good it is in terms of offering an immersive viewing experience. And we will see more headsets with micro-OLED technology enter the market pretty soon.

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Lenovo Legion Go with Legion Glasses

Compatibility and Comfort-forward Design

Although the Lenovo Legion Glasses is one of the primary accessories for Lenovo Legion Go, it’s compatible with other systems. To be exact, it should work flawlessly with devices that have “full-function USB-C.” That includes Windows, Mac, and Android.

If you have a compatible device, you can plug the Lenovo Legion Glasses into it and get both audio and video output in the wearable solution. The pair also comes with adjustable nose pieces, enabling you to get a comfortable viewing experience. The glasses come with a frame that lets you insert prescription lenses if required.

On that note, the built-in USB-C cable is 1.2m in length. This cable length will make sure that you don’t find it hard to get a comfortable gaming or viewing experience with the glasses connected to a device.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Setup

Other Notable Specs of Lenovo Legion Glasses

While the Lenovo Legion Glasses are small, you are less likely to have complaints regarding its display capabilities. The pair will boast 1920x1080p resolution per eye. An FHD display held that close to your eyes means you should be able to see images with high clarity and details.

Moreover, the micro-OLED displays in the Lenovo Glasses Go have support for a 60Hz refresh rate. While 60Hz is nothing impressive, it’s more than good enough for an enjoyable gaming and content-watching experience.

Besides, the glasses feature built-in speakers. But these are not just any regular built-in speakers. Instead, they are capable of delivering HiFi audio, which means you should get an immersive audio experience with Lenovo Legion Glasses.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the audio will be carried over through a single USB-C connection. So, you don’t need to worry about playing or watching content with two separate wires dangling around you.

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