Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Gets Android 12L Developer Preview 1

12L, designed specifically with devices featuring foldable and large displays in mind, is finally getting its first breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, not many people will be able to play with it just yet. While we all wait for a public beta, has made a Developer Preview build available to the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, a device that isn’t available for purchase in the US. Boo.

If you’re somehow the owner of this tablet device and want to get a little frisky, do note that this Developer Preview is intended only for developers. In fact, the build appears to break all of the tablet’s features, so I would simply tell everyone to stay away from it unless you’re a trained dev pro.

For example, this 12L build breaks biometric security, TOF sensor functionality, two finger touchpad functions, Miracast is broken, and a whole bunch of other stuff is either non functional or not tested to work.

So again, if you somehow own this tablet that isn’t for sale in the US and still want to give 12L a shot, follow the link below for instructions on flashing.

Instructions to Install Here

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Via: droid-life.com

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