Linking Devices: Google is Working on Deeper Integration for Android

The ecosystem is known for its seamless integration between devices. Apple devices work exceptionally well together, thanks to a feature called Continuity. It offers unparalleled levels of integration, including AirDrop and the ability to use your trackpad and keyboard across different devices. has made attempts to create a similar experience with features like Nearby Share, but is actively working on achieving deeper integration between Android devices.

Google Working on Enhanced Device Integration for Android: A Step Towards Seamless Connectivity

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According to Nail Sadykov's findings published by Mishaal Rahman, Android might soon introduce a feature that allows linking multiple devices under a common Google account. The process seems to be straightforward: go to Settings → Google → Devices & sharing (once it's available) and flip a switch to connect the devices. Once linked, these devices, whether they're phones, tablets, or even Chromebooks, will establish a stronger connection, enabling advanced cross-device features.

At the moment, the specific functionality of linked devices is not fully disclosed. However, it appears that they will be able to switch calls between each other, as previously reported. Moreover, there might be an option for “Internet sharing.” It is possible that Google will continue to add more features to linked devices. Potentially bringing them closer to the level of Apple's Continuity features on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. One can imagine the convenience of copying and pasting items from one device's clipboard to another, although this is purely speculative for now.

It's important to note that this feature is not currently available, and its release timeline is uncertain. It could launch with Android 14 or potentially arrive in the next year or two through a feature drop. Until then, Android users can eagerly anticipate the expansion of device integration capabilities. Bringing them closer to the seamless experience offered by the Apple ecosystem.

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