Linus Tech Tips and TechLinked YouTube Channels Got Hacked to Promote Crypto Scams – Don’t Fall For It!

Recently, YouTube has had a continuous issue with account breaches. And this time, hackers have successfully breached two of the most reputable tech channels: Linus Tech Tips and TechLinked. With over 15 million subscribers on the first channel and 1.82 Million on the second, hackers have removed hundreds of videos that Linus and its team made.

But that is not even the worst part. Both the TechLinked and Linus Tech Tips channels are now broadcasting live videos. The video has Elon Musk on the thumbnail, pulling in thousands of viewers. And even though the live video is about Bitcoin and Ethereum, the hackers are attempting to scam people!

Don’t Fall for the Scams on Hacked Linus Tech Tips and TechLinked YouTube Channels!

So, at the moment, hackers have renamed both the Linus Tech Tips and Tech Linked channels. They are being named “Tesla,” and as mentioned above, the channels are broadcasting a live video. While the live video is about cryptocurrency and how it could have an impact, the hackers are using live chat to scam people.

Linus Tech Tips and Tech Linked Hacked

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As you can see, the hackers are asking viewers to send Bitcoins and Ethereum to them. And they are promising to send double the amount back. According to them, it is part of a cryptocurrency event. But, as you can tell, the whole thing is a scam. Once you send your Bitcoins or Ethereum, it’s gone!

TechLinked hacked

This is a really worrying thing, as thousands and thousands of viewers are watching the stream on the channels. And considering the fact that both Linus Tech Tips and TechLinked have millions and millions of subscribers, a lot may fall for it. But whatever you do, do not click any links that pop up on the stream. And report both the videos for scams or fraud to YouTube.

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