Lu Weibing discloses that the Xiaomi Max series has been discontinued!

Xiaomi’s Redmi GM Lu Weibing has disclosed that the Mi Max series has been discontinued. But it is difficult taking such news seriously considering Xiaomi’s past antecedence in this regard. We recall Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun had hinted that the company had no plans of launching a Mi Max or Mi Note series model this year. A few months after, the Mi Note 10 was announced.Mi Max series

But this case may be different. The Mi Max series consists of large display phones with big batteries that are pocket-friendly in terms of price but not in size. The series consists of the Mi Max, Mi Max 2 and the Max 3 launched last year. The models come with a 6.9-inch display size which tilts towards a tablet size. After all, there are 7-inch tablets in the market.

Another reason why the Max series may indeed have been discontinued is that large screen, phablet-sized phones are not trendy anymore. The industry seems to be tilting towards the use of foldable design for large-screen models and tall aspect ratio phones with up to 6.7-inch display. The Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X both have up to 7-inch display when unfolded.

In addition, Xiaomi’s CEO recently disclosed that the company’s smartphone lines are now the Xiaomi and Redmi lines. He equally hinted that the Xiaomi brand is devoted to new technology, high-end phones, with a focus on new retail markets. He then reeled out the phones under the product line for this year. Among them are the Xiaomi digital series, Mi 9, Mi 9SE, Xiaomi Mix series and the new Xiaomi CC series. No mention was made of the Mi Max series but Lei Jun only hinted that it won’t be launched this year.

We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed as the brand may release the model in a refreshed form just like the Mi Note 10 had a largely redesigned body and powerful specs.