Many Tesla owners worldwide were unable to enter their cars due to a global app server outage

Electric vehicles manufacturer Tesla suffered a worldwide disruption of its app service that resulted in owners of Tesla cars being unable to connect to their vehicles via their apps. The seemed to be a brief app server outage, as the company was able to restore the functionality back within a short while.

The scale of the disruption is not yet known at this time, but it could be massive. The Tesla mobile application provides important support in the overall exciting experience in using the vehicles. Owners unlock and start their vehicles using their phones, as well as access lots of controls via the mobile app.

Even with the app disruption, Tesla owners could still control their cars via Bluetooth if the app was not disconnected. This implies that it is also important that owners also carry their key fobs as an added layer of protection from being unable to access their cars.
The server outage may not be unconnected with the latest update of the app that was provided by Tesla this week. Tesla had through the latest update, adding new features for both new buyers and owners of Tesla models. It is however unclear what is the real source of the disruption, and the company has not provided any official update on the issue.




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