Marvel Snap’s Latest Season, Days of Future Past, is Now Live

Marvel Snap launched its latest season of fresh content last night, titled Days of Future Past. That’s the same name as an X-Men film from 2014, the one where Jennifer Lawrence is naked and painted blue to play Mystique, but going back even further, Days of Future Past is from a storyline from the Uncanny X-Men series back in the early 80s. is my friend.

Anyway, the new season brings a ton of fresh content, such as new cards that will be released throughout the next few weeks, fresh variants for existing cards, plus plenty else. The highlights this season are the new cards, of course. The staple for this season is Nimrod, a 5-cost, 5-power card with an ability that reads, “When this is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.” Safe to say we may see this card in a few Destroy decks here and there.

Other cards inbound include Master Mold (On Reveal: Add 2 Sentinels to your opponent’s hand), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (After ANY card is played here, destroy this card AND that card), as well as Kitty Pryde (You can return this to your hand to gain +2 Power).

The new season is now live, with the new cards set to be inserted into the game’s rotation starting March 14, 21, and 28. As of today, MODOK has been set as a Series 5 release, meaning if you didn’t get him via this past season, you’re looking at a 6,000 token purchase in the future. Ouchies.

Go forth and collect those Cubes.

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