Master C# Programming with Microsoft’s Free Basic C# Cert Project

Microsoft announced that it is cooperating with a non-profit organization freeCodeCamp, to issue C# certificates. After completing 35 hours of C# training on Microsoft Learn, students can obtain basic C# cert for free by passing the exam. It enables developers to build a wide range of secure and robust apps that run on the .NET framework. With its roots in the C family of languages, C# is familiar to programmers who have experience with C, C++, Java, and JavaScript. It provides language constructs to directly support object-oriented and component-oriented programming. This also makes it a natural choice for creating and using software components. Microsoft’s Katie Savage wrote in the announcement

C# certification

“We’re excited to announce the release of the new Basic C# cert in partnership with freeCodeCamp, a charity that creates free learning resources for math, programming, and computer science,”

Savage said that the official 35-hour certification course provides comprehensive C# basic content. It also covers core concepts such as variables, data types, control structures, and syntax. In addition, it also includes many practical content such as application development. These courses are free to global users. Users who want to obtain this certification can go to the freeCodeCamp website. You can click on this link to learn the basic C# certification course. You will also get the cert after passing the exam.

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Benefits of the Basic C# Project

The Basic C# Cert offers several benefits for aspiring developers:

1. Detail Training: The program includes a 35-hour training course that covers all the major aspects of C# programming. This detailed training ensures that developers have a solid understanding of the language and its features.

2. Global Status: The program is globally available. This allows developers from all around the world to access the training course and earn the cert. This also makes it accessible to a wide range of aspiring developers, regardless of their location.

3. Free of Cost: The Basic C# Cert is free, making it a good option for developers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in C# programming. This removes any cash issues and ensures that the cert is accessible to all.

4. Quality: Microsoft certs are of high quality and highly regarded in the industry. This can boost the chances of a developer’s career prospects. The Basic C# Cert also shows a developer’s proficiency in C# programming and can serve as a valuable addition to their resume.

C# cert

Final Words

The launch of the Foundational C# Cert project by Microsoft provides aspiring developers with a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in C# programming. The cert program also offers detailed training, global availability, and is completely free of cost. Furthermore, by earning this cert, developers can demonstrate their proficiency in C# programming and boost their career prospects.

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