Material You UI Elements Hit Google Messages, Podcasts

is pushing hard to  get the majority of its apps ready for Android 12’s upcoming release, and that means most are seeing Material You updates with UI changes to reflect the new design language. If you own a Pixel phone, this means a lot of fun colors are popping up in places you might find surprising.

Today, we have updates hitting both Messages and Podcasts. The Podcasts update is a full Material You makeover, while Google Messages is only part-way there.

Above, I’ve showcased Podcasts, with it presenting a lot of green colors in the navigation area, as well as throughout button and icon items in different pages. The app will look familiar, it’s just more colorful on Pixel phones. To get this update, I believe you’ll need the latest app and a server-side switch from Google. The Podcasts app, as far as I know, is just a shell that is powered by the Google app.

As for Messages, in the latest beta (v9.7.032), we’re seeing some changes roll through. Below, our screenshots show the “Start chat” button has most definitely changed to Material You, as have some of the main screen colors. Within individual messages, well, those still look like the old blue UI. We’re getting there!

Go grab updates and let us know if your Photos and Google Maps apps see changes over the next couple of days. They seem to be picking up updates as well.

Play Links: Messages | Podcasts


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