Meizu 20/ Pro gets a new certification – to launch soon

Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports regarding the upcoming Meizu 20 series. Meizu does not release mobile phones regularly. However, when it does, its devices are quite decent. According to recent reports, the Meizu 20 series now has a new radio certification. The listing reveals that the model numbers of the Meizu 20 and the Pro model are M381Q and M391Q respectively. Also, the listing reveals that the Pro model of this series will support UWB ultra-wideband function. 

UWB ultra-wideband is a short-range wireless standard that provides precise tracking and positioning of IoT devices, as well as high-speed data transmission on the high-frequency radio spectrum. UWB offers many advantages over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC. In many sectors, it is considered the next big thing in wireless tech.

Meizu 20

Meizu 20 gets a Chinese quality cert.

The Meizu 20 Standard Edition (M381Q) battery pack also have Chinese quality certification. This means that this device will launch soon in China. The battery listing has the model number BA381 and the battery capacity from the listing is 4,600 mAh. The normal value of this battery is 4,700 mAh. In addition, this device will support 80W fast charging which is quite decent for a 2023 flagship mobile phone.

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Meizu 20 boasts a higher improvement in charging speed than Meizu 18. Recall that the last model, Meizu 18 series supports only 36W charging with a built-in 4000 mAh battery. Thus, the company brings a decent upgrade to the batter segment.

Meizu 20 series

Meizu also reveals that things are going well with the new phone and that it is already in the testing stage before mass production during the Meizu Conference 2022 last year. This new flagship mobile phone series will bring a lot of full-screen experience. Previous reports reveal that this series will bring decent upgrades. It will support the new satellite communication tech and come with a brand-new Qualcomm second-gen Snapdragon 8 mobile platform.

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