Microsoft Brings Call Of Duty To Nintendo Switch

Earlier today, Vice Chairman Brad Smith tweeted that they had signed a 10-year contract with Nintendo to bring Xbox games to Nintendo gamers. Well, the contract doesn’t refer to all titles in the Xbox assortment but Call of Duty (CoD) for the time being.

While this news sounds quite curious, gamers have serious concerns about whether the Xbox games can run on the Nintendo Switch consoles. What do you think can the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” be played on the Japanese game consoles?

What’s interesting, before this, the Redmond-based firm said that it had offered Sony a similar deal for PS consoles. It also promised to offer the game on Steam at the same time as Xbox.

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Why Does Need Call of Duty and Other Titles On Rivals?

You might wonder why is trying to bring its top-popular titles to its competitors. The reason is that Microsoft wants to convince regulators to allow its $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. There is no certainty for the deal at the moment. The US Federal Trade Commission has put a ban on the deal. There are even talks as the UK might push Activision to leave parts of its business for the merger to proceed.

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In its turn, the European Union is going to declare that the acquisition could have an impact on competition. So has requested a hearing with EU regulators to defend the deal.

The concerns of regulators are not groundless. They think that the acquisition will make Sony’s PS5 and other consoles outside the game. Of course, Sony has no reason to agree with the deal. It thinks and rivals are changing the game rules, and it will have a serious impact on the industry.

We have no clue how this story will end, but the meeting with the EU regulators is set for today.

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