Microsoft Reveals Surprising Details About Sony’s PS5 Portable

Axios said that had shared some info about Sony's upcoming PS5 portable console. A journalist, Stephen Totilo found some info while reviewing the material submitted to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In the report, Microsoft attacked the FTC for ignoring the compatibility of Xbox and Nintendo Switch handhelds. Microsoft also revealed that Sony intends to release the PS5 portable later this year, with a target price of under $300.

PS5 Portable features and more

We know that Sony's handheld, Project Q, has an impressive 8-inch display and supports streaming in 1080p at 60 frames per second. In other words, it can stream and play PS5 games on a portable device via Wi-Fi. So players will feel as if they own a PS5 system with all the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller.

Project Q

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Apart from this, Qualcomm and Sony have announced a long-term partnership. They're discussing custom CPUs. The deal is promising and could extend to portable gaming devices. The alliance represents an exciting chance for both to expand their offerings and meet the growing demand for customized hardware in the gaming industry. If so, Sony's entrance this field will change the rules of the game, further forcing the old brands. Sony PS5 portable

By the way, the PlayStation Vita, Sony's latest handheld gaming system, was launched in 2012. Rather than developing a new portable console, Sony chose to focus on delivering portable experiences through Remote Play. This feature allows users to stream games from a more powerful console to a smaller device. So there is every reason to think that Sony is taking Remote Play to a new level with Project Q. The device, which was unveiled by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan during a virtual event on 24 May, looks like a DualSense controller split in two with a tablet screen in the middle. Ryan said that Sony intends to release Project Q later this year.

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