Microsoft Will Stop Selling Windows 10 Soon

has quietly updated its Windows 10 product pages to indicate that it would no longer sell downloadable versions of the OS to the public. This means that there will be only one version of a Microsoft OS to buy – Windows 11. We can't say this is what we want. But we have what we have.

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“January 31, 2023 will be the last day this Win10 download is offered for sale. Win10 will remain supported with security updates that help protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malware until October 14, 2025,” Microsoft's Windows 10 Home product page says.

There Are Still Some Options To Get Your Hands On Windows 10

When purchased directly from Microsoft, Windows 10 Home currently retails for $139, while Windows 10 Pro is $199. What you're really buying, of course, is a Win10 license; the Windows 10 Home and Pro downloads will still remain available. Of course, you can create a Win10 installation image, as always, from the Microsoft Support website. Indeed, it's still possible to obtain a Windows 8.1 installation image as well if you have concerns about the future.

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Microsoft isn't the only source for Win10 downloads/licenses, though. Retailers like Amazon and Newegg continue to sell this product and will do so while their digital stock remains. Likewise, you can find Win10 in retail stores.

Despite the cessation of sales and downloads, the “ten” will continue to receive security updates that protect PCs from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software for another two years – until October 14, 2025.

As a reminder, earlier this month, Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows 8.1 version. In December 2022, it did the same for Windows 10 21H1. The latter, by the way, remains one of the most popular operating systems in the world to date. But as you guess, it is going to change in a few months.

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