Midea will launch most of its products with Huawei HarmonyOS: Exec

A Midea executive has announced that the company will continue to team up with Huawei to launch a number of products that feature the latter’s proprietary HarmonyOS platform in the near future.

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According to a ChinaDaily report, the Chinese home appliance manufacturer is aiming to expand its influence in the smart internet of things by launching more efficient and improved connected devices. Xiaomi Jiangxu, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Midea IoT, “The HarmonyOS system would cover almost all categories of our products, namely about 200 varieties, within this year.” The official believes that the operating system would enable it to build an efficient link between its products and the smart IoT system.

further added that “More home appliances products equipped with the HarmonyOS system would soon be available in the market.” The senior executive made this statement during a recent presentation of the company’s whitepaper to accelerate its “one touch” smart link system on its devices in China. Back in September 2020, had announced the launch of its HarmonyOS 2.0 version, which arrived with better support for Internet of Things products and better cross platform support.


The second version of the OS also arrives with support for smartwatches, in car systems, and even third party home appliances as well. Notably, Midea was one of the first brands that said would feature the latest version of its OS for its products. Xiang said that Midea’s “engineers have been working closely with their counterparts from Huawei to make a smooth running of the system in our home appliances products.”



Via: gizmochina.com

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