Monday Poll: Who Will Make Your Next Phone?

It’s a new year, meaning new phones are on the horizon. Should you be in the market this year, we want to know who is making your next phone! Will you stick with what you know or will venture and try something new?

As for the options, there will be plenty. will have at least a couple of phones with the Pixel 6 and maybe even a foldable Pixel device, has its new OnePlus 9 lineup, already has its amazing Galaxy S21 Ultra (review) and family, and probably has a thousand new mid-range devices to choose from. Sadly, it’s looking unlikely we’ll see anything from LG in the immediate future.

And don’t forget Apple. Cupertino is expected to release the iPhone 13 this year, complete with a 120Hz refresh rate display with Always-On support. That could be pretty sweet.

Who you going with in 2021?

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