Moto G5 turns superhero & takes bullet for its owner during armed robbery

Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear cases. This is exactly what a local Moto G5 turned hero has proven after saving the life of a person who was shot during an armed robbery in Brazil. Funnily, the phone’s case had a picture of Marvel’s bulletproof hero The Incredible Hulk on it, establishing that it had definitely lived up to the character’s spirit.

Image: Daily Mail

The incident took place last Thursday when the victim was shot during an attempted robbery in a rural area of the municipality of Petrolina – a region in the northeast of the country (via: Daily Mail). The victim was rushed to the University Hospital right after, with the doctors preparing for the worst.

However, they were surprised to find that the bullet did not even penetrate his skin, thanks to the Moto G5 – a new contender to the invincible Nokia bar phone. The bullet had grazed the victim’s hip, and although he was shaken, he suffered only a small bruise, as per Dr. Pedro Carvalho.

At the time of reporting, the suspects were not identified. They had fled by the time the police arrived.

Dr. Carvalho subsequently posted photos of the damaged mobile phone on Twitter where the images were widely shared.

As for the Moto G5, it just couldn’t make it and died a noble death with its screen completely shattered and internal components taking damage as well from the bullet impact. A huge bulge can also be seen on the phone’s rear, demonstrating the sturdiness of the metal back the hard way.

That said, it is worth mentioning here that this isn’t exactly a novel incident. Perfectly positioned phones have been the difference between life and death several times before. Who knew that a smartphone could be much more than an infotainment and communication device?




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