Native WhatsApp for Mac Goes into Public Beta, Tipped to Work on iPad Too

WhatsApp is no doubt the world's most popular messaging app. It is one of the main means of sending quick messages all over the world. Truly, it has lived up to the expectations of almost every user. This happens to be one of the main reasons why it has been the number one messaging app since it was launched till date.

WhatsApp has seen so many updates which adds new features and functionalities all the time to make it even more useful to users. However, the world's number one messaging app has always been available to smaller screens until recent months.

Initially, WhatsApp was not available on large screens such as tablets and desktop computers. Some users of tablets are able to install WhatsApp by using third-party stores. They could also do so by sideloading (Downloading and installing APK file).

After Windows, WhatsApp for Mac is Next WhatsApp for Mac

WhatsApp for Windows and Mac was made available in 2016. However, this was not a real native app, it was just the web version wrapped in an electron shell. Last year saw some changes to this as Meta launched the native WhatsApp app for Windows. At the same time, a native version for MacOS also went into Beta testing.

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The first beta testing was not available to all users as it was a closed beta. Now, this beta version of WhatsApp for MacOS has gone into public beta. This means, it is now available for all MacOS users to test.

To download it, you may have to visit the official WhatsApp website. You must also note that it is only available to users of Big Sur or newer version of the MacOS. Before downloading, the site will also warn that this version is in early stages of development.

WhatsApp for Mac May Work on iPad WhatsApp for Mac

One interesting fact about the native WhatsApp for Mac is that the development team used 's Mac Catalyst Framework in developing it. All apps that are developed on this framework makes it easier for the apps to run on both MacOS and iPadOS. What this could possibly mean is that there is a possibility of the app working on the iPad as well. But we can only confirm this once it comes out of the beta stage.

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