Nest Audio is Somehow $40 Off for Early Black Friday

’s Nest Audio is currently the best speaker they sell and one that is arguably their best yet. Google Home Max may have brought the serious boom, but Nest Audio strikes a really great balance between audio quality, smarts, and price. For Black Friday, and its retail partners have dropped it to an insanely low price.

For Black Friday, the Nest Audio is $40 off. Let me repeat – this already-incredibly priced speaker is a full $40 off and can be had for $59.99.

Normally priced at $100, the Nest Audio comes in 5 different colors (all of which are discounted), offers impressive beats through a woofer, tweeter, and software combination, and will adapt to the environment you place it. It can be paired with another Nest Audio for stereo sound, works with all of your favorite music services, can control your smart home by voice, and has a microphone that can be disabled.

We’re big fans of the Nest Audio, its size, its styling, and now more than ever, its price.

Nest Audio Black Friday deal links:

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