Nest x Yale Lock Now Comes in Smokin’ Black Suede Color

There’s a new color option for the Next x Yale Lock, available this morning from ’s own web store or the good people at Yale. The color is called Black Suede, designed to elegantly match all of your home’s existing black hardware. Mmm, black suede.

It’s the same lock as always, with its outward facing keypad for entering in a code to gain entry to your home. Of course, you can control lock controls from the Nest application, too, as well as share codes with friends, family, and even dog sitters. I’ve used one on my home since release and it’s still my favorite thing.

The lock is only purchasable within a $279 Nest Connect bundle, meaning you won’t be able to buy only the lock separately at the $30 cheaper price. That’s not a huge deal and maybe that will change at a later date, but for now, that’s the case.

Is it overboard for me to want to change out all of my hardware so I can get this? I think not.

Buy Nest x Yale Lock

// Yale


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