Netflix: here’s how much you will pay to share your account in 2023

Netflix users have been able to freely share their accounts with friends for a number of years. But that will likely change in 2023. We already know how much it will cost you.

Netflix has long been quite accepting in this regard, but it has never concealed its aim to stop account sharing. The video-streaming giant has just revealed that it will charge you if you use a friend’s account. This legislation will go into effect next year, as the Wall Street Journal just reported.

You will soon need to pay if you want to use your account somewhere other than your primary residence. Since it states that “the extensive sharing of accounts between households that takes place now affects our long-term ability to invest in and develop our service,” Netflix claims that the existing arrangement is no longer possible to continue.

Netflix: you should pay a supplement for sharing your account


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In some Latin American nations, Netflix has experimented with add-on fees for password sharing, costing an additional $3. In these nations, the primary account holder is required to give a verification code to anyone attempting to access the account from outside the home. Netflix will keep asking for the code up until a monthly fee is paid to add outside members to the home. Thus, the increase in other countries may be relatively comparable, likely between 3 and 4 dollars for each additional user.

The WSJ reports that Netflix has also thought about adding paid content to its library. Which would persuade customers to keep their credentials to themselves out of concern that someone else will raise their costs. People with knowledge of the situation, however, claim that the company abandoned this plan. In order to maintain a straightforward user experience.

Netflix prefers that each subscriber purchase their own subscription rather than having users who share a single plan. In order to do so, the world’s largest streaming service recently unveiled a new, cheaper option for just $6.99 per month.

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