Netflix will definitely end password sharing on this date!

Netflix has been considering blocking the sharing of passwords for some time now. The company has conducted trials in several countries, including Latin America, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. In the latest report to investors, Netflix stated that it is pleased with the results of the trials and plans to implement the sharing block in more countries, including the US, by the second quarter of this year.

The days of sharing your Netflix password are numbered, and the cost per person could double!

Netflix password sharing

Under the new system, account owners will have to provide a verification code each time someone tries to access Netflix outside their household. Netflix will charge an extra fee for each authorized profile, with a maximum of two additional profiles. The cost of sharing in Portugal is €3.99 per additional profile, while in Spain, it’s €5.99.

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However, this system has several problems, such as how Netflix will determine that someone has not authorized the connection. For instance, what happens if the account owner goes on vacation or visits a friend’s house? Netflix has not yet revealed how it will establish the primary account’s location. But it is likely that it will use the IP address connecting to the service.

The cost of the subscription may also increase significantly under the new system. Assuming a cost of €5.99 for each additional person, the cost of the subscription could reach €29.97 for sharing with two extra profiles, or around €10 per person per month. This cost is more than double the current rate.

While some users may be willing to pay the extra cost, others may choose to cancel their subscription or switch to a lower tier. Especially now that Netflix’s ad supported plan is improving. However, if even one person remains on the subscription, Netflix will not suffer any losses. If someone decides to pay the extra cost, it will only be a gain for the company.

It is currently unclear how the sharing block will be implemented in other countries or what the costs will be. Users should wait until the sharing ban is active in their country to determine the methods and costs. In the meantime, users can explore guides that offer advice on sharing Netflix passwords with friends and family.

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