New HONOR Browser is nothing but renamed HUAWEI Browser

sold its Honor brand to Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd in mid-November 2020. Almost a year later, the products from the two companies are still identical to each other. The new HONOR-branded smartphones share almost everything with handsets. The same goes for software. A few days back, Honor released its self-branded browser application for its devices called HONOR Browser. Unsurprisingly, it is nothing but renamed Browser.

On October 31, a -focussed Weibo account (菊厂影业Fans) shared a few screenshots of the new HONOR Browser, which is currently in beta testing. The images show that the browser not only has the same logo as Browser but also shortcuts, however, renamed to ‘HONOR Shortcuts’.

With outrage from the public, Honor quietly changed the logo today with the latest beta version The new version of the app also brings ‘HONOR Vision’, which is yet again a renamed visual search function found in Petal search.

The fresh beta release also comes with ‘HONOR Smart Recommendation’ feature, which is similar to ’s implementation in its browser.

In a nutshell, HONOR Browser is a rebranded Browser in its current form. Hopefully, Honor tweaks this application to make its own with a unique look and set of features in the near future. Until then, Honor users are stuck with a HUAWEI Browser in disguise.

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