New Nest Cam Indoor and Floodlight Models Up for Purchase

Nest’s latest offerings, the Nest Cam Indoor (wired) and Nest Cam with Floodlight are up for purchase on the Google Store. For pricing, it’s $99 for the wired indoor cam and $279 for the Floodlight model.

For the Indoor unit, which comes in four colors, specs include motion detection, 1080p video recording, 24/7 recording, and a 135° field of view. And as you can see above in the header image, it comes in some seriously snappy colors, including wood finishes.

As for the Floodlight model, as the name suggests, this is a new Nest Cam that attaches to a floodlight to give you bright lights in dark environments for better monitoring. Perfect for backyards or wherever else that might get dark.

If either model interests you, follow the link below.

Store Links: Nest Cam w/ Floodlight | Nest Cam Indoor Wired


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