New Pixel Feature Drop Adds New Astrophotography Video, Gboard Smarts, More

As a part of the June Android security update today, is issuing another set of new features to their Pixel phones with a fresh Pixel Feature Drop. In this latest drop, is adding a new astrolapse camera feature, improved copying and pasting in Gboard, easier ways to accept or reject calls, and a bunch of Pride-themed wallpapers and ringtones.

The first, which we found out about last week, is a new astrophotography mode that not only captures photos, it’ll now create a video of the stars moving across the sky. When you fire up Night Sight to capture the stars, your camera will automatically save both photo and video to your phone. This is available on Pixel 4 and newer devices.

In Gboard, when you copy text that includes phone numbers or email addresses or URLs, the “important pieces of the information suggested in the clipboard” will now show in the suggestions in a clearer way. Check out how it’ll look here.

Also now, when someone calls you, you can say “Hey Google, answer call” or “Hey Google, reject call” to deal with whoever is ringing you at the moment. I know that swiping a call away is easy enough, but this is a neat trick for those times where you don’t want to do that or your phone isn’t within reach.

And finally for new stuff, is adding three new Pride wallpapers (below) and ringtones and notifications. Be on the lookout for these as your Google-related apps update on Google Play in the coming days.

Pixel Pride Wallpapers

As for other stuff, is highlighting Google Photos Locked Folder, Digital Wellbeing warning you to be careful while walking and using your phone, car crash detection, call screening, and transcribe in Recorder as being new bonuses to the Pixel line. A lot of this stuff has been around in the US or was just announced at I/O, but Google is expanding to new countries. To find out specifics, hit up this post or look below at the chart of features and where they are available now.

June Pixel Feature Drop

Grab that update!


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