New Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is Up for Pre-Order!

The new Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) that we expected to launch alongside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is now up for pre-order. The improved wireless charger from could arrive before Christmas if you order right away.

This fancy new Pixel Stand costs $79 (like the original did), offers “Up to 23W for compatible Pixel phones,” 15W charging for other devices, and comes in white. It has a fan to keep your device cool as it heats up while charging, comes with one of ’s 30W charging adapters, and is setup to be able to charge other gadgets, like your Pixel Buds.

While expensive, this is the wireless charger that made specifically for the Pixel 6 line and other Pixel phones. When docked, it can act as a Nest Hub of sorts by letting you play with smart home gadgets. It’ll even wake you up with a sunrise alarm.

Pre-orders are open now and shipping showed for me as early as December 14-15.

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